Life Legacies

A true legacy is not only made up of material things but also formed by the meaningful stories of our lives. We create a little bit of it every day as we share a part of ourselves and stitch together one experience at a time with the lessons and people that have enriched our path. It's a bridge between the generations. It's who we are, what we offer others and who we love.

There are people who have touched us so deeply that we can not imagine life without their voice or their embrace.

You may be grieving through the loss of a parent, spouse, child, sibling or friend or you may be feeling the effects of a health condition and it seems like there is nothing you can do but there is something: you can share your story and allow it to help bring you healing and encourage others who are experiencing something similar. 

Often times a significant part of our legacy can be found in our life's calling and what we do to serve others. You love what you do and feel led to make a difference through your work by being of service to others.  Share your story, make an investment in the next generation and keep your legacy alive.

Happy 100th Birthday Lola!

Lola is a beloved centenarian. She is a teacher in and out of the classroom, a mother, grandmother and great grandmother who has created a powerful family legacy. Listen as she and her children share this multi-generational highlight story of strength, commitment to education, faith and love of family.

Coltrane Stansbury Rutgers University Alumni & NASPAA Spotlight Award Winner

Coltrane is the kind of person that makes you feel at ease in his presence from the moment you meet him. He's also the kind of man that lives his life as a servant leader. Listen as he shares the powerful sources of his inspiration, his personal mission and his invitation to the next generation.

Lora business owner with a passion

She is a business owner with a passion for helping military men and women and first responders feel loved and appreciated. Her father and step-father served in the United States Military and their stories instilled in her a unique way of being of service through not only financial donations but also through her own skin care line and discounted services. She is competing in the Skin Games to donate the winnings to the Freedom Alliance- an organization that gives college scholarships to the children of fallen military men and women.

Lora Condon is a celebrity esthetician, author, makeup artist and the owner of Jersey Boutique Spa in Westfield, New Jersey.

Honoring Stephon's Life

Stephon was a bright light for every person he befriended. When you were around him, you felt appreciated, you were comfortable and you laughed - a lot! His unexpected passing broke the hearts of many -especially his wife Michelle's. She and their daughters took a courageous step forward to honor Stephon's legacy in this film that captures the loving, active, enthusiastic and funny husband and father they were blessed to have at their side.

Leadership Arts Associates

Samm and her team dedicate themselves to empower, educate and engage leaders to thrive personally and professionally. She openly shares the interconnectedness between who she is, what her business stands for and why she believes in serving her clients.

Main Street Manor

Ken and Donna are a loving couple and also the innkeepers at this Bed & Breakfast that serves as a beautiful backdrop for intimate weddings and elopements. Listen in as they share their story and what 4 couples have to say about what sets them apart. 

Celebrating Janet's joyful spirit.

When Janet passed on after a painful battle with cancer, her family wanted her to be remembered as she was in life: joyful, spirited and loving. The family's own images and video clips interlaced with music and loving words about her life & unique personality created a story that helped everyone at her viewing to experience her as the wonderful woman she was.

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