Children bring the kind of joy into our lives that is like no other. It's that no-strings-attached kind of unconditional love that sends our spirits soaring.

Pregnancy: When you're ready to have a baby, you like many women before you, want to remember this amazing time in your life so you schedule a maternity session and start checking out your belly in pretty dresses to prepare.  Something you might not have thought of is capturing this moment in a way that one day your baby can not only see your face but also hear your voice, your thoughts and your dreams for him or her. That's the power of a video story...

Adoption: Getting pregnant isn't always easy for everyone. And for some, it's not ever possible. If your story involves infertility frustrations and miscarriages shaded by disappointment then an empty womb can feel like an empty heart. But you are brave and resilient and you realized that there is more than one way to be a mother. Whether you struggled through countless doctor's visits or you endured endless forms and investigations into your personal life to adopt then you already know that you have a powerful story to share.

Antonio is the first grandchild in the Rodriguez family. He's kind of a big deal! When he was born each family member recorded a message for him so that in the future he can one day see how much he is loved and he will know that his family has always been there for him.

The 1st Grandchild

Baby Mia was supposed to be born at the hospital that morning just like her big brother was years before;  however, this little girl had other plans. She wanted to make her own news worthy entrance into the world. This is a story created for her to one day know exactly how special she has been from the first moment she came into the world. 

Surprise Home Birth

Jay + Marlana will always remember how they felt and what they wished for when they look back at this touching story. Katerina will one day look back and know how much she was loved before she was even born.

Parents for the 1st Time

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