Meet Tatiana Rodriguez:

Part Historian, Part Creative

I believe that life is a gift. As part historian, part-creative, my contribution to this world is to create meaningful stories and record them for future generations. 

I know that it's difficult to sum up a significant moment, let alone a person’s life.  You want the final film or photographs to represent who they are – and maybe even who you are. You're looking for the right balance of emotion, humor, people, places and things. Yet you worry – what if a professional focuses on all the wrong things?  Or that the result is so overly mushy that it doesn’t represent the real people you love?  

My Heart:

As a photographer and video story teller, my tools are many but my most valuable ones are in my heart. My strengths are empathy and sensitivity to emotion. In the business of compiling and telling meaningful life stories, I’m a finely-tuned instrument. 


These strengths enable me to be sensitive to you, to your family and to your story. I will ask the right questions and guide you through the creative process sparking ideas to share without imposing a predetermined narrative.   I create natural stories and interlace them with your valuable memories, while respecting your time.  And the result will be something you will never forget.

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